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LAMP, Inc. is dedicated to providing information and services regarding food reforestation and support towards re-greening, permaculture and upcycle efforts in our community.

LAMP, Inc. is seeking to partner with qualified non-profits and others by inviting strong citizen participation and transparent organizational efforts to promote local food forestation programs.

What we offer:

Cite evaluations

Garden tours

Sustainability evaluations

LAMP, Inc. donates various flowering and fruiting tree species to food forest efforts and neighborhood gardening programs. A listing of plants is available upon receipt of email and signed terms agreement.

What we ask:

Eligible food forestation programs for donated plants are evaluated by LAMP, Inc. staff and selected for right fit by their future care and maintenance, feasibility of projected planting successes, overview of planning outlay, etc.

LAMP, Inc. contributes to local food forestation efforts and educates on biodiversity and sustainability thus ensuring the continuation of these floral gifts for future generations to come.

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