LAMP, Inc's offering of Energy Advancement Systems (EAS) energy exercise modules draw from Tai Chi Gong (TCG) and diverse means tested wholistic variants. The programs are designed to address both the needs of the general public as well therapists, therapy assistants, psychologists, social workers and those interested in their own health care. The work play criterion exists to give practical knowledge of means tested diverse self-care plans that are clinically proven, to help with stress and burnout.

Coursework modules offer access, instruction and infotainment employing various central themes; helping facilitate better body awareness, executive function, featuring data supported energy-crises / harm reduction interventions.

Strikingly appearing today, physical medicine itself describes what the 'science of neuroplasticity' has to say about easy to do body movement, focused letting go and creative attention fielding routines as, transformative to the human condition.

Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) programs support these broader health care needs by meeting or exceeding community standards in targeting stress driven hypercortisolemic illnesses.

Extensive research suggests slowed pace meditative exercise recommended in the care of irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, brain injury, along with many others being discovered through updated studies. (Lancet)

Institutions that may benefit their clients from inclusion of EAS energy exercise intervention's:

Wellness centers

Recreation centers

Head trauma groups

PTSD sufferers

Cancer survivor groups

Prevention based outreach initiatives.

Corporate wellness




Please feel free to contact our group regarding course availability, times, locations and presently available accelerated curricula therapist centered study platforms.

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